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Movement Planner is an advanced software technology critical to maximizing the productivity and capacity of Norfolk Southern's network. 

Every day, NS faces a daunting challenge: designing an intricate plan to efficiently move hundreds of trains across the company’s rail system, a complex network that spans 19,500 route miles across 22 states. Enter Movement Planner, a sophisticated logistics tool that can analyze the many different train movements scheduled for a given day and create an optimized plan for getting the job done.

Like an advanced chess-playing AI, Movement Planner looks many moves into the future to create a superior operational strategy for all of NS’ moving pieces. Perhaps even more impressive, Movement Planner updates its plan every two minutes based on the most current system data – and there’s more to come. Thanks to PTC and the precise locomotive GPS data it provides, Movement Planner will become an even more effective tool for future operations.

Most exciting, NS sees the potential to leverage synergies between Movement Planner and other technologies, such as Auto-Router, to explore the potential for advanced automation of many dispatch functions. It’s just one more way that NS is building on the technology of today to reimagine a safer, more efficient, and reliable railroad for tomorrow.